Sunday, December 5, 2010

Friday, September 10, 2010

I’ve had 4 days of no shots and no meds – it feels so good!!  I’ve had tons of energy and feel like myself finally.  I’ve been working like a maniac trying to fit everything in before I start the new cycle tomorrow. 
Picked up a new project (same one I talked about before but now it is ramping up)– the client needs a lot of hand holding and it looks like she will be demanding a lot of hours from me. 
I’m concerned about my ability to keep up the pace and the client's tolerance for my illness.  At the moment the project team does not want to share what is going on with me and I find it hard to be able to say just what my level of effort will be as I don’t have a clean cycle (without surgery) to compare it to.  I should know by next week though.  I also realize it may be really important to shop for a wig now rather than later.  Again an effort to appear “normal” for the client. 
I met with the chiropractor at the health and wellness centre this week.  His wife Michelle is willing to work with me – she does restorative yoga and works with a number of women going through this so she is tied into a very supportive community and would like to share it with me.  I’ve also connected with his acupuncturist – and will meet with her next Tuesday.  He said we will also be looking at my nutrition, lifestyle etc… and that its time for me to make my health a priority.  I can hear his words in my head as I’m sitting at at my desk at work and committing myself to work I’m not sure I can do.  Yep I’m hearing the dilemma here….

Tricia has been here for the last week and a half.  Caitlin was here for a week of it so the two of them were able to go off and explore DC etc..  It really is nice to have her here and I hope I don’t end up being a burden.  She cooked us dinner the other night – amazing food!  Ron and I could get used to this J

Shannon has also made me soup and brownies.  She is so caring, I’m blown away by it.

Rich and Anya are going through one of their “bad spells”  - I’m heading for NC tomorrow so will have a chance to talk to both.  They have both gone to Ron about it as they don’t want to “burden” me – bullshit.  Like Ron isn’t going to tell me they have both called! 

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