Monday, April 11, 2011

Wednesday 3/30/11

Finally got out of bed 2 days ago.  Tomorrow is my 2nd treatment.  This time I will just get one drug – Taxol, so I’m assuming that this coming week should be a whole lot easier than last week. 

’m back to reading and researching again.  This time its Natural Strategies for Cancer Patients by Russell Blaylock, MD  Lots of great information. What is currently standing out is that even though I’m eating a vegan diet with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, my ability to absorb the nutrients is compromised by the chemo.  He does say that breaking the vegetables down in a vita mixer actually reduces them to the cellular level so that I can absorb them more fully and easily.  Thanks to family I have one and will begin using it as a juicer and not just for smoothies, sauces etc… Blaylock recommends 10 oz of vegetable juice 2 x daily. I will attempt that beginning tomorrow.

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