Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Friday, 5/13/11

Yesterday I learned why I was feeling so bad.  Who knew that anemia, when “critical” can be so devastating to the body!  According to the blood work I had done yesterday in preparation for my visit with the doctor, my “crit” level was 25.  Anything below 30 is considered critical.  The fix – a blood transfusion – yep overnight at the hospital getting two bags of blood.  The only thing I knew about blood transfusions is what I’ve seen in the movies or on tv…so when the doctor said to the PA – “lets book her at the hospital tonight for a blood transfusion” -  I did a double take – excuse me…did you just say blood transfusion??!!??  Am I dying?  He was quick to reassure me that this is a treatment he has been successfully using for the last few years and that most patients end up being anemic as a result of the chemotherapy. I wasn’t aware of it, but each week my “crit” was going lower – hence my fatigue.  So I drove home, called Ron (who immediately said he was leaving work and driving down), and the kids to make overnight arrangements for puppy etc…

I haven’t been in a hospital for an overnight visit since I gave birth 34 years ago, and boy things have changed.  Everything…and I mean everything is done by computer. The nurse had a computer on a stand that she wheeled into my room and proceeded to type in my responses to the zillion questions she asked me about my health history.  Each bag of blood was scanned to match my scanned wrist band. Mind you the hospital still smells like a hospital, but its amazing to see how technology has changed things.  Transfusions were finally completed a 4:00 this morning and I finally slept until 8:00am.  Whoo hoo – I haven’t done that since we got Bella! 

I’m now home, and I am able to walk up to the 2nd floor without gasping for air or having to sit while my heart slows down its pounding. Wow! Its supposed to take about a day and a half to really feel 100% so I’m looking forward to Sunday and should be able to handle the 5 ½ hour drive to VA.

The doctor is also changing my chemo regimen and taking me off the taxol and putting me on something that will be a little kinder to the neuropathy in my feet and hands. I’m looking forward to getting feeling back into both.

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