Wednesday, October 20, 2010

More than a "bump"

July 26, 2010
Went to see the Dr.for the lump in my armpit.  It has become painful (kind of a burn) and feels like I have a sock balled up in it.  She found lump in my breast as well so is sending me for an ultrasound and mammogram.  Shocked at the lump in breast – didn’t even consider that.
July 27, 2010
Mammogram shows a lump in breast and armpit – biopsy scheduled for next Tuesday.
August 3 – Tuesday

Hate needles!  Biopsy looming – scared shit
told me that they are much more concerned about the breast lump then the armpit.  In fact he thinks the breast lump is causing the ancillary lump (secondary).  That is alarming because it tells me the breast lump has been there awhile – how did we miss it?

Its been 2 years since my last mammogram – and my breasts do get lumpy with my hormone cycle.  I know I still get the hormone spikes cause I can feel them – also breasts have been feeling weird – I just attributed to them drying up and me going menopausal as I just hit 56 years in July.  I remember thinking I should get my hormone levels tested, and I should get a mammogram – but I’ll wait till Ron gets back to work and we get health insurance.

Biopsies – OW!  - 6/7 samples taken from breast lump – 2 from armpit.  Actually the Novocain hurt more than anything.  First the pinch then 2 seconds later the burn….that burn will curl your toes. He had to give multiple injections both sites.  Although the second site was less painful – maybe some of the Novocain from the breast numbed up the armpit?  Now we wait.  Poor Ron he sat in the waiting room for 1 ½ hours before he was told I was ok.  I didn’t realize that much time had passed. 

Now we wait until Friday for the results.

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