Tuesday, November 9, 2010

exercise and lymph node - should I or shouldn't I

Sunday August 8
Ron is golfing with Rich – I’ve got a slight hangover so stayed in bed till 10:30. Anya called – she’s going to do a yoga class at 2:00.  I’m hesitant to go as I don’t want to disturb the lymph node lump – got it in my head that exercising might move the fluids into other parts of the body and right now that is my new fear.   Looked at some of the American Cancer and Susan G. Komen websites and it scared both of us to death.  Until we know exactly what kind of cancer - what stage – how invasive etc…. I’m not going to do anything that disturbs the status quo.  So instead I told Anya I’d take Layla to the pool rather than go to yoga..
Called Marjorie – she invited me over for lunch (she had made an asian rice noodle salad for me – how cool) and promised coffee.  We talked – her sister is coming in town next week. She works for the American Cancer Society and can be a resource.  Plus she is going to ask for referrals from some of the people she works with – they are doctors and affiliated with Duke and UNC.

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