Sunday, November 14, 2010

No health insurance - starting to learn the ramifications

Thursday, August 12, 2010
Shared the news with my coaching clients.  Not the most comfortable thing to do but we have gotten to be pretty supportive of each other. I’m beginning to see that more and more people have experience with this – either a family member, or a friend of the family or a mother at their kids school…or whatever. Breast cancer seems to be everywhere.  Even one of my clients is a survivor – 20 years ago – said she never talked to anyone about it and was surprised that I shared it with her.  She said it was a very difficult lonely time in her life.  I think it will be difficult but I am not going to be alone. I’ve got Ron, my family and my friends.  Maybe that is one of the benefits of being open with people and letting them in.
Finally talked to the breast navigator at INOVA – Not having health insurance is starting to be a real issue. She was all set to send me to a free clinic in Reston until I told her what I made last year.  First there was dead silence…then “holy crap!” what do you do??!!  She is not sure what to do with me and said that she would talk to the surgeon who occupies the office next door in the morning.  I have to confess I felt pissed after this conversation. I’ve been reduced to money rather than a woman who is sitting here with breast cancer and doesn’t have a doctor or anyone to talk to about it.  Is it growing while I wait? I’m scared, I’m tired, and I’m frustrated.  Poor Ron, I cried all over him tonight.

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