Sunday, November 14, 2010

Friday, August 13, 2010
Oh boy here we go again – another Friday of waiting for the final results. Talked to Candace (navigator).  She did talk to the surgeon and actually set me up with an appointment next Tuesday to see Dr. Vargas.  I’ve looked him up on the internet and learned that he was the Division Chief of surgical oncology at the UCLA Medical Center – 1996 – 2009.  I’m feeling very relieved. At least now I have someone who will be able to give me information.  Ron picked up my pathology report for me – he spent all afternoon and tonight trying to interpret the test results.  To our untrained eyes it looks like I have a very treatable cancer and I don’t believe it has metastasized.  However, I will wait until Tuesday to get the real interpretation. For now I’ll enjoy the euphoria.  He is also studying reconstruction pictures and said that most of the women chose to have reconstruction either immediately following a mastectomy or shortly after.  Hmm…have to say it would be kind of cool to have smaller uplifted breasts J  I wonder if you can get what you want??  Cosmetic breast surgery is so common I would think you could.  So there may be a plus here!
I’m surprised at Ron’s persistent pursuit of information. He explained that having knowledge gives him back a little bit of control.  He’s feeling as though he has no control – he can’t fix it for me, and that is really hard for him. So researching information helps.
Went to dinner with youngest stepson & his girlfriend tonight. They didn’t ask any questions, and we didn’t share anything about the cancer, but felt “its” presence.  I’m not sure why it never got mentioned but there didn’t seem to be any part of the conversation to bring it up in so we didn’t.
Ron’s back on line and is encouraged by what he is finding and how it may be positive in relation to me. I love this man.

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