Sunday, December 5, 2010

Friday, August 27, 2010

So much has happened in the last few days.  Wednesday morning I got a call at work telling me that I was scheduled for an echo cardiogram in the afternoon, and a CT Scan and Bone Scan on Thursday.  Echo – a little uncomfortable because they use a “wand” and press down to get clear shots – its about a 45 minute procedure and they are pressing and moving the wand the whole time.  Interesting photos….
Thursday started with the CT Scan – had to drink 2 LARGE glasses of liquid that tasted like Tang (orange flavored drink).  Then I was told to go walk around for 30 minutes to circulate it.  For the test I got an IV so they could push through the dye – “Mike” was an IV angel – barely hurt – plus he left the IV in so I wouldn’t have to get stuck again for the Bone Scan.  Didn’t have to get undressed – just removed jewelry and pulled down pants under blanket so the zipper wouldn’t be on the film.  The dye felt very warm (feels like you are peeing yourself – but you aren’t), and felt weird in the back of my throat.  It also tasted a little like ammonia but it passes very quickly.  The bone scan was similar but I didn’t have to undress at all.   You have to wait 3 hours between the time they inject the radio isotopes and when they do the scan.  Shannon was with me so we went to cafeteria and got food and lots of liquids (they request that you drink as much as you can before the test).  The test is a little claustrophobic because they put the camera, about an inch from your face and it runs down your body.  I could see my skeleton on the films.
While waiting for the bone scan, Dr. Wilkinson’s office called to tell me my first chemo appointment is scheduled for Saturday at 7:00 am and then I go and see her on Thursday afternoon when she’ll check my blood and see how I’m tolerating the chemo and follow up drugs.
Today I got a call that Dr Vargas is going to put the VAD (vascular access device) into my chest on Monday morning.  I hate the after affects of anesthesia, but once this is done everything will be injected and drawn through the device so no more sticking me.  I’ll wear the device for the duration of my treatment which is expected to last for the next year.
I am also coming to terms with the idea of being bald. I hope my vanity/ego can handle it as it appears that I’ll be that way in about 2-3 weeks. Oh joy.  Maybe I’ll try some scarves on this weekend?  Not sure I’m ready to go explore the wig option.  I have a hair appointment scheduled for Tuesday – but not sure how I’m going to feel after surgery so am debating rescheduling.  I’ve been encouraged to cut my hair really short so when I lose it, it won’t be such a shock. 
Just talked to Nadine – she is dropping off an organizer that a client of hers put together when she was going through breast cancer treatment.  She also asked me to check my liver as her friend (a channeler) mentioned that it has traveled there.  Nadine feels very strongly about this woman’s gift –so I think I will ask Dr. Wilkinson if any test were done which shows the liver. 
I keep getting heartburn – I think I’m taking shallow breaths instead of my normal deep ones – and the result is heartburn – so I take a few deeps breaths and that seems to relieve it. 
Going for a walk – maybe it will help my sanity – the walls are a little close today.
Ended up walking 9 holes while Ron played golf at the Herndon Golf Course. 
Tomorrow is my first chemo treatment – I’m happy to be starting but scared too death about the needle, the side effects, etc…

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