Sunday, January 16, 2011

Saturday 1/8/11

Went for my first “body mud wrap” followed by a massage today.  This is the first step in my detoxification process.  I figure the body is just one big pore so why not give it a mud bath.  The mud actually draws out toxins so what could be more appropriate.  If you are at all modest I would not suggest this treatment J

Noticed tonight that the cold sore “cracks” on both corners of my mouth have healed and are smooth.  There are still red marks on either corner but the skin is smooth.  The other sign of healing is a cut on my right thumb – a week ago it was still looking fairly fresh despite the fact that it happened a couple of weeks ago.  Now it is healed over with just a slight scar.  I’m hoping this means that my immune system is dialing back up again. 

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