Sunday, January 16, 2011

Tuesday 1/11/11

On Tuesday I had a similar conversation with my Oncologist.  To her credit she at least listened, admitted that conventional medicine might not have all of the answers, but for now it’s the best they have and she feared for me because I have “a very aggressive cancer” and she didn’t want me to “quit when you’re so close to being cured.”  When she examined me she couldn’t find anything either.  She did however agree to sign an order for me to go have a CT scan and a breast MRI  now rather than two months from now in order to get confirmation.  Now here is the really interesting thing….4 weeks ago when I saw her she told my husband and I that the tumors were approximately “50% smaller” than they were in August (originally the size of a golf ball).  Now this is after 4 months of treatment – and only 3 Taxol treatments left to finish.  But somehow in the last 4 weeks they’ve reduced approximately another 50% to nothing.  It could be the chemo did all the work, or it could be that the changes I have made are having an impact…I don’t know, but it is enough to help me hold to my conviction to at least give the dietary change a chance.  I’m also still sitting here feeling like I should be celebrating but instead feel like I’ve disappointed both my parents by not cooperating with them.  Crazy isn’t it…
Anyway, I’ve decided to get the scans and see where we stand. If I really am “clean” – then I want to find a doctor. that is willing to work with me and monitor the site – either with continued scans, or ultrasound (which can be done in the office), and if the lump comes back I’m prepared to deal with that and will accept full accountability for it. 

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