Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday, 4/11/11

Yesterday was an amazing day, the culmination of a seed of an idea from a friend who wanted to make this journey just a little less stressful.  It is hard to believe that Ellen’s idea of a fundraiser would produce the coming together of a large group of friends, family and colleagues who would open their hearts, and their pockets, and donate, love, time, support and money to help us out of a difficult financial situation. But they did.  It was a room full of individuals who had come together with an amazing generosity of spirit and online friends who contributed the same.  There is no way Ron and I can ever say the words that would convey the deep felt gratitude we have.  What we can promise is that somehow, someway we will pay it forward. I also met some amazing women who have gone through similar experiences with cancer.  It really is everywhere.

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