Sunday, December 5, 2010

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The last couple of days have been difficult.  Sunday was a much better day physically than Saturday, but I got tired pretty quickly.  Sat and talked with girls while they cooked breakfast and then cleaned it all up.  I’m very lucky – Anya and Shannon have become such cherished friends and daughters to me. Spent the day pretty low key, and waited for the guys to get back from golf.  We then hit the road and got home about 11:00 pm. 
The small note I put on facebook has generated a barrage of responses.  I’m amazed at the number of women and men from high school who have sent light, love, prayers and good thoughts my way.  I’m also shocked to hear how many have gone through this, or know someone close to them who has gone through some form of cancer treatment. I’m humbled by the stories I am hearing and realizing how few have shared this information.  Standing outside my comfort zone may be helping others –
Yesterday I got the VAD – vascular access device – medi port – put in my chest.  I was really worried about recovering from the anesthesia but they didn’t have to give me much.  The whole procedure is done as an outpatient – you get a tranquilizer to make you whoozy, then they keep you lightly sedated while they insert the port with a local.  I woke up quickly and easily with little to no side effects.  Chemo side effects still here.
Today was tiring.  Got my hair cut very short and colored very blond.  Almost too extreme for me to take in but the alternative is waking up bald so I guess this is a good preparation for that.  It will take a little adjusting to get used to.
Ellen was my chauffer today, so after the hair appointment we had to drive into DC to get Ellen’s journal. She left it at the breakfast meeting we attended last week and needed to turn it in to her teacher as a summary for her coaching program.  We then went to the hospital for  my nupogen shot at 2:30.  Then home where I crashed for about an hour. Needed to finish the teambuilding session for Lance tonight so did that, watched a little tv and then hit the bed again.

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