Saturday, January 29, 2011

Monday 1/24/11

Spent the weekend with 3 of my girlfriends in Bethany Beach.  It was amazing to just feel normal again.  My energy was great – maybe attributable to being excited to see them and spend time away or maybe it’s the vegan diet and no more taxol…  One of them mentioned that she thought I’d be “frail” and was surprised to see me so healthy and energetic (other than the bald head). 
Spent Saturday afternoon at a spa getting a body wrap and a massage.  The woman who did my treatment was also a Reiki master so she incorporated the energy work into my massage and did reflexology on my feet in order to promote the detoxification of the organs and the healing of the body.  I came out of there feeling relaxed and invigorated! 
The rest of the weekend was spent catching up, relaxing, and playing Mexican train dominoes.  They even joined me in my vegan lifestyle and said it didn’t seem to be as bad as they thought it would be J

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