Saturday, January 29, 2011

Thursday 1/27/11

Had a CT scan and breast MRI last week, and met with the oncologist yesterday to get the results.  The mass in the breast appears to be completely gone. It was originally 2.6 cm in size.  The axilla mass (originally 5.9 cm) has decreased to 3.2 cm but has been steadily decreasing since treatment began (measured 4.3 in November).  I’m elated about the breast mass being gone but I’m still faced with the decision of surgery for the lymph node mass.  I agreed to talk to the oncologist’s surgeon before I made my mind up to not do anything.  I also agreed to have at least one more herceptin treatment, however the oncologist also said that she didn’t feel it would completely dissolve the node at this point.  She did say though that often the treatments continue to work for a couple of months after they are finished.  I’m back to being confused

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