Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saturday 2/26/11

Got a good night’s sleep and feel better this morning.  I’m still emotional but not helpless.  I will keep the appointment to see the surgeon, but I’m also determined to continue on the path of self management through diet and supplements.
Its clear that I need to find a doctor who is willing to look at my health from both the eastern and western perspectives and considers nutrition to be as important as I do.  I think its also time to set up an appointment with the thermal imaging center and see if they can check the lymph nodes as well as the breast for cancer.
I’m also redoing my work schedule and have requested that I be removed from one of my contracts.  The client is very difficult and demanding and I realize that the money is not worth the cost to my health.  
I was once told that the universe has to hit me with a 2x4 in order for me to realize when I need to make different choices.  I thought I had become self aware enough that I recognized the need for a change before the universe hit me, but apparently not.  Okay so time to relook at my choices again.  Geesh…


Cathy Barr-Balaschi said...

Good for you MJ! You will find the Doctor that will listen to you and your approach to eliminating those unhealthy cells. I believe like you do and your emotions play a huge roll in dis- ease! You go girl! I wish you the best and lots of positive loving energy!

cebulka said...

I'm hoping you go back to your previous ideas when you were home..taking care of yourself, is your 1st priority ! Screw the difficult client..if he/she can't get need to. And definitely go into that pool & go swimming ! You know as well as I do, that any form of water, is the most calming/healing environment you can put yourself into. I can't imagine what you go through inside of you w/ missing hair,eyebrows,etc. but I do know that the majority of people now a days, have had someone..a friend,family member, etc. around them that has had cancer & I really don't think people pay much attention about people missing some hair anymore. I'm sure they notice, but I can bet most of them, notice quickly..then say a quick prayer for you, then themselves that they are so fortunate. I say get your butt in that pool, girl & don't look back !!!! & If for some reason, you run into some jackass, tell them to Fk Off ! :)
Love You, Hang in there & remember..YOU, come 1st ! xoxo Deb